Individual Counselling

Counselling services are offered to individuals dealing with varied challenges. Individuals may also seek therapy in situations where they need to make important decisions in life. This is to help the client come up with the best solutions to their problems and decisions for themselves.

Premarital Counselling

Getting married is a huge decision. Premarital counseling helps couples prepare for marriage. It helps the couple ensure that they have a strong and healthy relationship, giving them a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage. This kind of counseling helps them identify weaknesses that could become problems during marriage.



Every marriage has its fair share of challenges. While some marriage problems can easily be resolved by the couple, others may be tough to tackle and could even signal the beginning of an end to the marriage. Keeping the marriage intact will depend on how couples handle problems as they arise. Where couples are not able to resolve their problems, seeking therapy can make all the difference.

Family Counselling

Sometimes family relationships get strained due to different negative experiences. Issues such as resource utilization, sharing, separation and or divorce can be painful experiences for members. Family counselling can help alleviate some pain.


Parenting can be a fulfilling experience. But it can also be difficult and time-consuming. Parents must train their children different skills and and appropriate behaviors. Sometimes parents get overwhelmed. Counselling can help parents through difficult situations or behavioral concerns.

Adolescents/Young Adults

Research findings indicate that adolescents and young adults are experiencing increased levels of stress and depression. As these young people go through their developmental stages, counseling can help them maneuver the stages successfully.

Child therapy

This therapy is focused on the psychological needs of children and are carried out by child therapists

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